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Nothing much to say, I've been using flash for a fair few years now but have never gotten around to completing any thing big. Hope to change that this year though and make a game people enjoy and want to play.

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Late-night update

Posted by eBlitz - July 23rd, 2009

Things have been going great on the game so far. I've got most of the underlaying code done and have started onto the actual parts that are relevant to most people here (a.k.a. the game play). So far I'm just starting to work out the basic character creation screen while making small improvements to stuff I've already coded and working a bit on the artwork when I get sick of coding.

Should have something playable in about two week time if all goes well.

Late-night update

Comments (10)

Nice! I really enjoyed the amount of gameplay that I could juice out of the "demo". I can't wait for the full version! It's gonna be great! I would greatly appreciate being updated about your work. Thanks!

dude i relly wish ud update naruto rpg very quick ill love it i sent u some sugestions if u want to respond leave me a comment

great work on the naruto rpg thing man but could you give some updates? you know so the game dosn't get boring

Sweet finally, i played the "beta" and iv been waiting 4 ever :D glad its finally coming together Send me a Pm if u want, il help as much as i can (i cant code but im good for story line junk)

Too bad, I think you're dead :(

Dude, are you ever gonna get around to updating the game?

You've got fans waiting to see it come together.

Its obvious hes dead. The last thing he's "done" was wona medal in some game in feb.

I think hard that you read this comment, because are many. But if you head this tell me where the mode of the game now? because i dont wait for the complete version

It's been like 2 years.It might as well hit the consoles.

you need too finish naruto rpg please do it soon!